Kyle Offermann    Founder, Nurse (RN-BSN,BSBA), health advocate, tennis player

Ralf Offermann    Co-Founder, professional developer and tennis player

Kevin Ford           Technical advisor, professional developer and tennis player 

William Vasquez  Tennis Pro 



Many thanks to:

The Think Tank advisory board that served as idea factory, sounding board, and leadership of the original tennis groupRoger Malsbury, Steve Wetherhead, Trevor Woodbury,  Brooks Banks,  Heidi Thomas, Nancy Petriccone, Tito Cameron,  Judy Stillings, Reed Stepleman, Leslie Anderson, Leanne Wood. Thanks Frank and all of the members of East Cobb Tennis. 


Ray Nasser - SCORE Mentor,

Antonio Barrios - Kennesaw State University (SBDC),

Atlanta Technology Data Center (ATDC),

Chris Hamilton - Professional Photography,

Mariellen Jacobs - Logo,



 Tennis Welcome Center, Tennis Industry Association

 Corporate Member, United States Tennis Association