Tennis Anywhere began as East Cobb Tennis (ECT), a small group of strangers that became friends in 2007. We played out of, and around, Harrison Tennis Center in Marietta, GA.  Our geographic name locked us into a geographic radius of about 15 miles. It became difficult to attract new members, particularly on the fringes of this radius, because of the name.

A member Think Tank Advisory Board was formed to try to troubleshoot operations and challenges, including, brainstorming on solutions and ways to branch out to other communities. We put our heads together at meetings, over dinner, and on the courts. We conducted polls, surveyed players, and came up with a needs list. After several revisions, delays, years and iiterations, this is the result. The best ideas from practical experience.

Fast forward to today: after 6 years of PUGs, we know how to do it and have everything here so that you can do it, too. Tennis Anywhere, is set up so that you can use it where ever in the world you are.  It’s easy.  Plus, it’s free and a great way to meet people and stay in shape.  

To get PUGs going regularly takes lots of players. We would love to have you and your friends here and hope you'll jump on in.

Matter of fact, we need every tennis player on here. Why? Maybe you don't want to play today, but you may want to play tomorrow. Maybe you can't play this morning, but you can play tonight. With more people on, the chances are greater that where ever you are, when you want to hit, someone else will be ready, too.

So Join. Start something! Come out and Play! It's Tennis ANYWHERE. There is no radius.