Mission - “To get more people to play tennis and help increase their overall level of health and physical fitness.”


Tennis is a wildly popular sport, with a large global following for professional competitions featuring talented players each year.  However, for the competitive, recreational player, it can sometimes be difficult to locate a local opponent of a similar skill level, on short notice, with which to enjoy the game.  Tennis Anywhere is here to digitally connect players of all levels for on-the-fly PUGs.  What's a PUG? A PUG is a pick up game -- an impromptu match between two or more people who often don’t know each other!

Tennis Anywhere is a fusion of what tennis players like about leagues: playing with rated players; and what they like about social networking: no commitment and access to tennis players who play outside of leagues.  You choose to play competitively or socially, year round, anywhere you have the use of courts.

Tennis Anywhere is a hybrid.  Independent both of the organized league structure and of brick-and-mortar facilities and clubs.  In Tennis Anywhere you don't have to join a group or "belong" but you can if you want to. 

From experience we know that in order to get  4-player PUGs going regularly on short notice you need at least 300 players within a 15 mile radius with their radars out checking for or creating the opportunities.  We hope you will join with your radars out and stay plugged in. You may not want to play today. But you may want to play tomorrow. The more players, the more PUGs, the more PUGs, the more chances someone will be ready to hit just when you are.   

Combining the raw interest in tennis with the power of the internet and the inherent desire for tennis enthusiasts to play against new opponents,Tennis Anywhere aims to provide a valuable resource for players of all kinds and quickly become an integral component of the worldwide tennis community.  Come on in and pick up a game!