Saturday, in the park, I think it was the second of June

Date and Time: 
Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 8:20am


Sweat Mountain Marietta, GA
United States


Four players, one court, competitive tennis, 4 set minimum, 20 set maximum.
What to Bring: 
Positive Attitude
Minimum Level: 
Men Only
Signed Up:

Signup is FULL - add me to the waitlist


Michael Britan

Chris and Raymond, the Sweat

Chris and Raymond, the Sweat Mountain courts are too wet to play at the moment. I’m checking with Tony and elsewhere to see if we can make other arrangements to play and get started by 9. I’m currently in the sweat mountain parking lot and will send out another communication from here before leaving.
Michael Britan

It's 6:23am and the ground

It's 6:23am and the ground outside my house seems wet but I'm heading out to Sweat Mountain because the weather is supposed to be okay. If the court appears unplayable when I get there, I'll call Tony to see if maybe his courts are in better shape at his subdivision.
Michael Britan

Thanks for the heads up

Thanks for the heads up Lance. Feel better.

Sorry gentlemen, but I have

Sorry gentlemen, but I have come down with a cold, and will not be able to make it tomorrow. I was hoping to be better today, but it's worsened instead. Lance
Michael Britan

Raymond Yap had already

Raymond Yap had already confirmed with me via text that he wanted to play in this foursome before I received the 4th player to sign on. Signup for this pug is now closed.